Kusama – Infinity

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Director Heather Lenz’s eye-opening documentary about Yayoi Kusama features a string of interviews in the absence of a narration that details art, particularly art through the iconic female artist’s lens.

The film presents Kusama through her artwork and her words. Many of her creations are shown on film, sometimes, even photographs documenting their creation and her process. It is a brilliantly traditional take on the study of an artist who has always been one step ahead of everyone, who has never quite seen the four corners of a box. Lenz’s chosen method of showing this particular subject is particularly smart as it illuminates the nature of Kusama even more – wild, bold, and bright.

It is an intimate detailing of one of the world’s most popular living artists – so much so that it gives viewers the feeling of being right up on the canvas, watching her closer than she has ever been seen before. There are bare honesty and respectful boldness that colors the entirety of the film, which does an excellent job of emphasizing Kusama’s work.

On a level, this film presents as a sort of exhibition – where audiences can observe and revel in Kusama’s work, and at the same time, discover their connections, her process, and how her art came to be. Beyond art, the film details Kusama’s multitude of personal and professional struggles that led her to become the celebrated artist that she is today.

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