Evil Dead 2

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This hilariously bloody sequel to the 1981 cult-classic, The Evil Dead, is a terrific and gruesome ordeal all on its own. With mostly positive reviews under its belt and a cult following of its own, The Evil Dead 2 has earned its title as a Halloween classic all by its own merit.

The story is easy to digest. Two lovebirds go out into the woods of Michigan to stay in a cottage for a romantic getaway and end up discovering treasures from the archaeologist who stayed there before them. They pick up a Book of the Dead and after a few incantations, they accidentally unleash an evil spirit that seems intent on killing them. The evil spirit attacks them relentlessly and mercilessly and leads them on a horrific adventure that ends in more evil beings, severed limbs, and bloodbath.

If you can take a joke and keep your gut from unraveling at the sight of dismembered bodies all at the same time, then Evil Dead 2 is definitely the movie for you. It is unapologetically gory and remorselessly comedic. What’s attractive about this film is its clear intent; Evil Dead 2 never once tried to shoot for anything but perfect comedic timing. Besides this, the gore and are cranked up to a level high enough that it stops being disgusting.

With all of that said, Evil Dead 2 is definitely an interesting take on a story that has been redone over and over again. It’s definitely a fresh addition to a genre that has churned out thousands upon thousands of films and interpretations.

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