Food by Stimulating the Senses

Learning to Appreciate Food by Stimulating the Senses

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Eating food is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities that we can do, especially when we are eating healthy superfoods and snacks. However, it’s easy to get bored with eating. For some, the fun of eating gets taken away since they are preoccupied with so many things in mind – work, bills, stress, and the like. Sadly, there are times when eating becomes a chore to us, a mundane task that becomes bland.

According to the Review of SuperBeets (Is it Really a Superfood?), there is still hope for those who think that they’ve lost their love for enjoying good food. Fortunately, now, there are so many ways to rekindle our love for food and that is by stimulating the senses.

Our senses are present in our lives to bring stimulation to us. Hence, let us use them so that we can appreciate our food more. After all, food and eating is already considered a form of art, and one good way of appreciating these essentialities is by devouring them with pleasure. If your senses have gone dull and you don’t know where to start, here are some helpful tips that would surely inspire you to have a healthy and lovely relationship with food again:

Eyes: Take in Everything

Take the time to sit down and just marvel at your food. In order for you to appreciate it fully, make an effort to create a visually appealing plate. You don’t have to be a master chef to do this. Even a simple meal could turn into a stimulating plate by simply arranging your food well. It would also help if you add colors into it. Doing this will surely evoke emotions from you, but make sure that these feelings are positive so that you are more likely to enjoy your meal.

Touch: Use your Hands

For once, use your hands and forget about your fancy utensils. Feel the texture and the weight of your food. This act will surely be a bomb of tactile sensations that would allow you to have a deeper connection with your food. Of course, only choose foods that are not messy to hold.

Tongue: Savor Every Bite

This is the most satisfying part of eating. During this phase, don’t rush. Savor every bite so that you can appreciate it. Revel its texture and the way how everything mixes in your mouth. It’s amazing how food becomes pleasant once we take the time to savor the taste and appreciate how every ingredient complements each other.

Nose: Take Pleasure in the Aromas

Without the aroma, food would really become boring and unappealing. In fact, because of the smell, we are more enthusiastic in eating our meals. Imagine having a cold – you wouldn’t want to touch any of your meals, right? Hence, every time you eat, relish the aromas. You’ll be surprised how helpful smell is when it comes to enticing your senses and rebuilding your love for food.

Ears: Listen to the Sounds of Eating

Hear that crunch, slurp, and chewing sounds. Every bite you take can tingle your senses if you listen hard enough. There is something mesmerizing about hearing the sizzles on your food and the fizzles in your drink. Indeed, listening intently while eating can bring out a whole new experience of finishing a meal.

Reviving your love for food is not that hard to do. As long as you religiously use your senses, then you are bound to relish every bite of your meal.

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