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What is ART?

ART stands for Active Release Technique. ART is the manipulation of soft tissues especially after they have weakened or after the buildup of scar tissues. Scar tissues are dense fibrous materials that the body creates in order to bind injured tissues. The scar tissue may bind to other surrounding structures like bones or muscles, which causes major problems. If there is a nerve running through the muscle in an area that has scar tissue, the nerve may be entrapped by the adhesion, causing it to trigger pain every time it is simulated. This limits the motion and causes overstimulation and overworking of the healthy tissues. Specialists at Back and Body NYC solved many cases like that.

In order to treat this, ART is used.

The goal of ART is to reestablish proper motion between the fascia and muscle while at the same time, reducing fibrous adhesion (also called muscle knots in simple terms). Through this method, nerves become free, and they relieve pain and increase mobility almost immediately. They also improve biomechanics in the long term.

When Was ART Invented?

ART is an ancient teaching that has been passed down for generations. A chiropractor in Colorado first explained it. Chiropractors who claim it is the fastest way to get things moving again mostly advocate it. There has been a lot of evidence to back this claim. Almost all professional sports teams in North America use ART before a match and after the match. It has also been used in other parts of Europe in countries like the UK.

How Does It Work?

The first thing that you need to understand about ART is that muscle knot reed a little force and movement in order to disappear. The therapist begins by shortening the muscle and applying manual tension using their fingers. This tension is held in place, and the muscle is actively lengthened. Although this treatment hurts a bit, it is the ‘good’ hurt. The level of discomfort is almost similar to a deep tissue massage. It leaves the patients feeling like they had a very good stretch that they could not have been able to do on their own. It is a little period of pain for a long-term benefit. However, you can tell the therapist to reduce the pressure if it becomes too unbearable.

With ART, there is a specific protocol to every piece of anatomy, regardless of whether it is a muscle or ligament. This treatment can also be used in conjunction with other techniques for the nerves and even face related techniques.

Which Injuries Respond Well to ART?

Chronic Muscle Tightness

ART is equivalent to stretching every day for two months. It will quickly loosen tight muscles.

Spin Problems

ART is a fast treatment for a stiff neck or a stiff back.

Tightness in Extremities

ART can be used for quick relief to ankle ligaments, knee problems or tight hip muscles.

Repetitive Injuries

Shin splints, Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and other repetitive injuries can be treated by ART.

ART is very essential especially if you experience any discomfort. Schedule a visit with a professional chiropractor to find out more.

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