Weed Museum

Weed Museum Exhibition in California


Thinking of marijuana, the last thing that is likely to hit your mind is a marijuana museum. As astounding and odd as it sounds, weed museum exhibition in California is real. The long history of marijuana, the controversies, social stigmatization, and the modern trend that has seen marijuana acceptance change tide is what you will find in the museum.

With the increasing rate of CBD Oil use, you may be wondering how cannabis can be of help. Visit the museum and learn a thing or two to enlighten your perception that could be misinformed.

Three things you need to check-out in the museum:

One-On-One Interaction with Marijuana Plants

Have you ever seen or touched a marijuana plant up-close? Well, if you have not, here is your chance. You get to touch it with rubber gloves, sample the different scents and peruse through the different textures of marijuana and hemp species. From the moment you come close to the Altered State at the Oakland Museum of California, displays of marijuana plants and leaves will rock your eyes in the well-lit terrarium.

Rich Marijuana History

The past of cannabis remains a mystery, with the long history of the plant and its products being illegal in most states. However, this is not to say that its use in the past has not been experienced. From renowned artists to famous social figures, there is no shortage as to how weed has been used and has influenced the society.

You will find images of hardcore weed users such as Jeff Spicoli, Harold and Kumar as well as those opposed to its use such as Nancy Reagan with the famous “Just say no” aimed at advising teenagers to keep away from using weed.

As marijuana history continues, you will also learn of its modern use with its health benefits changing people’s perception of it in the society. Well-documented research and findings will inform you on how cannabis consumption is best suited for varying groups. One of such well-documented researches is on how marijuana can help in dealing with nausea.

Confession Booth

Perhaps one of the most mind-boggling sections, Cannabis Confessional booth is undoubtedly a place to check out. What is more interesting is that you can anonymously leave your thought on cannabis here. Plus, behind the curtain, you can write absolutely anything regarding weed, which later gets framed and becomes part of the museum.

Cannabis continues to be a hotspot debate point, leading to a series of legalizations in different states. Its political, economic, medical, recreational, and environmental influence on children remains a vague topic with no clear-cut answers. However, with the current tide, it is clear that society is gradually accepting marijuana as a beneficial plant.

The future of cannabis is a topic that will not fade away any time soon. With the weed museum exhibition in California being successful, many will follow the trend, exposing to society the information that will guide them on factual marijuana concepts and eliminate the misconceptions about it.

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