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2017 was a great year in the industry of movies. Several movies came out especially those related to food. Below is a list of some of the all-time favorite food movies of 2017. Click here to have more details about that.

The Founder

This great movie was released at the wrong time. The movie did no last that long in theatres which is a shame because it is a prestige drama.

The movie is about a businessman who has a career full of failures. He sees that the San Bernardino California burger stand is much more than just a profitable business. He makes it his aim to take this restaurant and remodel it. Along the path to his success, he ends up burning more bridges and up tagging along like-minded individuals.

This film contains a few tips that will help a person who has never worked in the food industry but is planning to make one. They can even learn a thing or two about a home meal delivery service. The best part of this movie is that it is not cliché. It does not have an ‘aha’ moment where the protagonist realizes their inner power. Instead, it’s full of reality-based scenes that are easily relatable to the audiences.

The Trip to Spain

This movie is a combination of soul-searching scenes and many ridiculous jokes between the two main characters. The movie’s setting is inside some the finest restaurants in the world that the actors are patrons of as they appreciate high-class cuisine.

The movie helps the audience understand that meals are not about just the food. They are also about the corporation that you are with and how they spend some time in the restaurant can help you take a break from life.

Ingrid Goes West

This dark comedy will lead you to look at your Instagram feed in a different light. The movie is about an LA influencer who is an instant star and a stalker. The two meet end up becoming friends and that is when things started to get weird. The film has a lot of charismatic performances which make it have a heart. It reminds the audience that sometimes social media is very toxic.


This film talks about the real issues facing the world and how we can work to enhance it. The film brings to light that there are billions of tons of thrown food every year. It uses very clever scenarios that are visual in order to pass this information. It is currently considered the best food documentaries that have been created. If the move does not make you a crusader for food waste, you will end up learning new ideas on how to shop and cook.

The only qualm about this movie is that of Mario Batali’s case. The movie was released just before his reports of sexual misbehavior that came up which raises a lot of negative vibe towards the movie.


2017 definitely saw the some of the best food movies being produced.  These movies will always hold a special place in our hearts especially to those individuals who love the food industry.

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