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There’s no other rich culture in the world that shaped America today than the African American culture. The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture has been dedicating its sole purpose to let every American citizen immerse themselves to the lives of every African American’s history, life and culture.

How to Get There?

The national museum for African American history and culture is on the National Mall, the most-visited park in Washington, DC where the rich past, bold present and bright future comes together. Admission to the museum is free.

What’s in the Museum?

The state-of-the-art museum showcases every angle of African American life experiences, Civil Rights Movements, multitudes of slavery, sports and athletics, and much more. The majestic museum’s façade was made to pay tribute to the ironwork slavery in the southern parts of the United States. Made by Ghanaian-born artist, the exterior is a collection of a three-row screen with bronze color. Also, the huge collection of artifacts as high as 35,000 in numbers will leave everybody flabbergasted.

Several displays which you could try here are a must-see while you navigate inside the museum will leave your jaw dropping. In fact, the high demand for museum-goers makes the tour worthy of the experience.

Musical Crossroads offers a variety of the African’s rich music culture from jazz to hip-hop. In the museum, you will realize just how the African American music is known to have its form of liberty, justice, and democracy in every bit of its lyrics.

The Slavery and Freedom displays the immersive experience of every African American who endured desperate slavery from the 15th century and the rebuilding of the United States. Every core of American politics, daily life and economics is what shaped America today. Plus, the latter showcases the period of segregation and the aggression of the Civil Rights Movement which highlight every struggle of African American slaves up until the creation of the community that united and gave them their current identity.

Is the Museum Admission Really Free?

There are numerous websites that offer paid passes to get into the museum. Craigslist, a website for advertising jobs, buying or selling properties, and finding Craigslist Personals, have seen a fluctuating amount of African American museum passes that are sold for $15. The National Museum of African American History and Culture has been encouraging everyone not to pay attention to any forms of passes that are sold online. The admission is totally free, and getting free time passes can be done online. However, walk-in options can also be done every Wednesday from 1 PM. The walk-in pass is limited to only one per person. There’s also an option where obtaining a free entry pass can be done in advance. Each advance free entry pass is released every first Wednesday of the month.

There’s no doubt that African American history, life, and culture contributed greatly to what makes America now. And with the free admission provided, people can surely have a dosage of knowledge to learn more about the rich history of every African American individual living today.

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