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Your List of the Best Web Hosting and Portfolio Builder for Artists

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Most business owners use a website to increase their brand’s awareness and also improve the presence of the business online. For modern day artists, using a website is a convenient way of showcasing their works on the digital platform. Whether you are a musician, painter, a professional photographer, or anyone in the creative industry, having an online presence is an essential step in showing your work of art to reach a massive audience on the web.

The first step to do in having a website is to choose the best web hosting plan from https://certahosting.co.uk/web-hosting/ which is best suited for artists. The web host is important as they are the one who makes your website accessible to the internet. Below are the best web hosting and portfolio builder that is recommended for an artist.


This company is one of the best web hosting services that are available online. They are known for offering affordable price and at the same time delivering excellent speed and performance that will make your website standout online. They also give their subscriber other benefits such as unlimited storage, emails, and bandwidth. This is definitely a highly recommended web hosting service for artists who want to build their own website.


An artist that is looking for an excellent business-like service can consider InmotionHosting.com. Though this company has a higher price compared to other web hosting service, its list of extra features negates the high cost that comes with it. It comes with SSH access, support for almost all of the programming languages, 20-times faster speed, and other features that will make every dollar worth the payment.


This web hosting service prides itself in offering excellent hosting service and other extra features that will make your website stand out on the web. Features such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and emails are hard to pass by and they also provide security, marketing, and support to all website owners. Artists who are looking for budgeted web hosting service but with excellent performance can consider this web hosting company.


A non-tech-savvy individual who wants to improve his web-building ability can use this web hosting company. It comes with thousands of templates, editor, and variety of designs that cater to almost all industry including arts. No need to learn coding skills as it has a drag-and-drop website builder that will help even regular individual make their own website. With this hosting service, you can build a website even with a small budget.


This web hosting service is highly recommended if you want to build a nice, modern-looking, and a responsive website. They have an already made layout that can be used in creating beautiful designs without using any coding skills. They also offer excellent and responsive themes that have a tablet and mobile editing views. This hosting service is also highly recommended for artists looking to build their website.


Choosing the right hosting service is an important step in building a website. The web hosting services listed above are highly recommended for artists who are looking for building their website and showcase their works on the digital platform.

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