Advertise with the Art Mission Center in Bingham today! How does it work? Before each regular show, we show an ad presentation featuring selected content. This presentation is in the format of a slide show and typically lasts for 15 minutes at the very least. We display our ads on a month-to-month basis.

Our rates vary for ads that last 10 seconds or more, and for silent video ads that last for 10 seconds or more. Beyond 10 seconds, you may purchase additional time for a corresponding fee.

We accept the following picture formats: .bmp, .emf, .dib, .jfif, .jpe, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .wmf, .tif, .tiff;

We accept the following video formats: .avi, .asf, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .dvr-ms, .mpeg, .mpe, .mpg, .mpv2, .wmv, .wm;