The Art Mission Center was established in Bingham as a non-profit that aims to support the continuation and proliferation of art within the area. It is a body that dedicates itself to giving artists a platform where they can share their work with fellow artists and interested audiences. Moreover, the theater is committed to educating the public using films that hold social, cultural, and artistic value, and also through the use of various programs such as classes, discussions, seminars, and workshops.

Membership in the Art Mission Center doesn’t require much. It simply entails your support and assists in achieving the goals of the theater. As a member, you will be expected to assist the theater in its ongoing events and showings, and to help the theater realize its aims. Membership requires little more than a show of support, appreciation of art, and enthusiasm in the proliferation and maintenance of culture.

 We invite you to become a part of the Art Mission Center today and help us help others. In addition, membership grants you entry to exclusive screenings and private events held within the theater. More than that, you will be able to help art and culture within the area to flourish.