Our Story

Constructed on what was once a railroad hotel, the Art Mission Center in Binghamton focuses on the showing of unique films and creative performances. The art center welcomes art materials of all variety – from independent to experimental and even those of foreign language. If you are an avid fan of the arts, the wide variety of collections from different artists would definitely inspire and intrigue you.

Operating as both a film theater and an art gallery, the Art Mission Center in Binghamton has served the surrounding community for years. It offers itself as a platform upon which visual artists from around the area can showcase and exhibit their work. At the same time, the art center functions as an avenue of education and culture, where everyone and anyone can come and enjoy a wide variety of art pieces – from films to vastly different media such as paintings, pictures, sculptures, and even different kinds of installations. Because of its vast displays, the Art Mission Center is one of the most sought-after places when visiting the area.

This art center is the premier location and spot for anyone looking to enjoy a serene ambiance, creative aura, and an experience outside of the usual. It is a center of appreciation for art and culture where audiences from vastly different backgrounds and walks of life can gather and bond over entertainment and education. If you love to have a cultural experience, strolling along the hallways of the corridor would surely elevate you in a creative mood, making it one of the most effective places when searching for inspiration.

Alongside its role as a platform for artists and audiences to meet and share their love and appreciation for a wide variety of mediums, the art gallery is a non-profit organization. The site aims to provide an avenue for art to be shared, appreciated, and discussed.

With years upon years of history tucked under its belt, the Art Mission Center now aims to be much more than another cinema house around the corner – it aims to become a pleasant, enjoyable, and unique experience for its patrons, and to offer its services to the community. As of the current, the center strives to retain these goals and works hard in providing more creative and novel ideas to it patrons. In this way, the Art Mission Center will continue to become an avenue where all kinds of artists gather and enjoy.