3 Ways to Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level

a large brown tub in a bathroom

For homeowners of both new and older homes, there are certain home projects and installations that can increase property value and add to the household’s overall luxury. For many homeowners, a beautiful master bathroom is the ideal renovation project and for the owners of older homes, the ultimate investment. Not only can a bathroom remodel provide a home with a fresh, more modern look, but can increase the possibility of a future sale if the house ever enters the real estate market.

If you’ve been considering a “dream bathroom” for your own home, the good news is that bathroom renovations can start with modest, inexpensive additions. Here, we will look at three cost-efficient ways to bring your home’s new bathroom to the next level, increase your household’s value and save you a bundle on your monthly utilities.

1. Working with the Bathroom’s Space


Before starting any new bathroom remodeling project, it’s important that you consider how much space you have to work with. According to the Orlando bathroom remodel expert installers at FHIA Remodeling, many options for home improvement projects are largely dependent on both budget and the size of the room. For example, if your bathroom lacks a bathtub, yet you have the square footage to accommodate one, a modern tub with a functioning shower can be one of the most luxurious remodel options. Likewise, re-doing your bathroom’s floor can have a positive visual impact, especially if new tiles or a fresh flooring motif is in order. If installation costs aren’t a concern, matching appliances and fixtures can be cost-efficient ways to freshen up a bathroom’s entire visual style.

2. Your Bathroom and Energy Efficiency

When looking at the bathroom remodel options, consider increasing the room’s energy efficiency. Most modern homeowners opt for appliances and fixtures that aren’t merely sleek and stylish but are distinctly designed for lower water consumption and less energy usage. If you ever consider putting your home on the market, remember that prospective homebuyers may find energy efficiency to be a major selling point. However, even if you’re looking into modernizing your new bathroom just for yourself and your family, those same energy-efficient options have other benefits, such as lowering your monthly energy costs and utility bills.

If your bathroom renovation project leans towards larger-scale energy efficiency, you may want to consider more than just new faucets and fixtures. For example, a tankless water heater can have wide-ranging positive impacts on your home’s energy use. Among benefits of converting to a tankless water heater is the saving of gallons of water over the functions of a conventional water heater. In addition to your master bathroom, a tankless heater can help control both the water consumption and energy used for heating the water in every room in your house. Ultimately, investing in a tankless unit could quickly lead to major overall savings and, when coupled with a modernized decor, can truly make your bathroom like new.

3. “Timeless” Designs as an Investment


If your home has a small bathroom, you don’t have to consider the less space available to be a disadvantage. There are both pros and cons to a smaller bathroom space, as a smaller room can be both easier and less expensive to renovate. Regardless of the room’s size, going with a “timeless” motif, such as minimalist is always in style. Mirrors and a large vanity installation can give the bathroom an appearance of larger size. Chrome fixtures, matched with clean, solid-colored tiles, can present a modern design that never goes out of style. In addition, monochromatic color tones can be easily matched up with almost every style of decorative art you decide upon, as well as giving a gender-neutral decor that suits every member of your family.