Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home Before Putting It on the Market

a room with a mirror and a couch

When it comes to preparing a home to put on the market, attracting buyers with proper staging matters. Here are some simple ways to decorate your home before putting it on the market to impress buyers and get the best price.

Smart Staging

Staging every room in the home is unnecessary. Focus on making the rooms with the most potential pop to influence buyers’ decisions. Most buyers are concerned about the living room, master bedroom, and the kitchen. Focus time and effort staging rooms that will be used the most.

Staging a home with neutral colors is important for enhancing a room’s assets. Buyers want to envision their lives in a home and need a blank canvas to do this, not bright colors. Get Movin’ Realty has great resources available if selling your home yourself. They outline every step of the process, from listing information and preparation to inspections and closing. Get Movin’ Realty takes away the stress of selling a home while helping owners get the best price possible.


Home staging is meant to give buyers an idea of what can be done with space and help them feel the potential of calling it their home. De-personalize the home by removing personal touches like photos, mementos, clothing, toiletries, and any overly religious or political touches. Pack away any and all valuables that could be broken or stolen in preparation for having countless strangers come through.


Preparing to move is a great time to de-clutter and free up usable space. Filling a space with just the basics will make any room look bigger and help buyers realize the value. Pack up most of the decor, un-seasonal clothing, and anything that is not needed on a daily basis. Keep in mind that buyers like to open doors, drawers, and cabinets when viewing a home, so these need to be de-cluttered and organized as well.

Deep Clean

There is no such thing as cleaning too much to put a home on the market. Every inch of the home – baseboards, ceiling corners, refrigerator, tile grout – should be sparkling clean. Not only does this give the home a more polished appearance, but it also shows buyers that the property has been cared for. Make a list of everything that needs to be cleaned once the home has been de-cluttered. Right before listing the home on the market deep clean every surface, corner, and nook.

Repairs and Fixes

Walk around the home and put together a list of things that need to be fixed. Scour every room for issues like loose door handles, dead light bulbs, leaky faucets, or carpet stains. Things like nicks, scratches, and holes could make buyers wonder if the home has been neglected. Take the time to repair any impurities with a foam eraser, spackle, and caulking and be sure to do paint touch-ups when necessary. The more effort put into staging a cared-for home, the better the chances of making a timely sale.

Set the Scene

Curb appeal is the first impression buyers have of a home. Create a welcoming front entrance by repainting the front door, updating the hardware, place simple greenery on either side of the entrance, and put an attractive wreath on the door. Inside the home, rearrange the furniture to maximize space and create a smooth traffic flow. Accessorize here and there in the important rooms keeping in mind to keep the space uncluttered, neutral, and appealing.

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