Best Beauty Business Ideas to Start in 2020

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The beauty industry is massive and always growing as women follow the latest trends impacting their daily regime. For many women, they are looking for more natural and easy to use options to attain a professional look and feel. Self-care has become a central focus for many making spa visits and massages far more popular.

If you are looking to get into the beauty business or expand your current business, there are many options to explore that are consistently growing in popularity. Here are just a few of the best beauty business ideas for 2020.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Women are using them as part of their beauty regime, as well as for massages. They are also using them for health benefits. Essentials oils can easily be added to current services at a salon, spa, or massage parlor. You can buy essential oils at wholesale to use in your salon, or you can buy them to resell. If you do not currently have a beauty business and you are not looking for a significant investment, you can start small selling essential oils direct to consumers. You can also partner with another beauty business to sell your oils or to provide oil-based services to their customers.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Mink magnetic eyelashes are one of the newest crazes in the world of beauty. Magnetic eyelashes provide women with long, lush lashes without the work, hassles, or stress of mascara, glue-on eyelashes, or lash extensions. Magnetic eyelashes are laid in place and stick to each other, so you do not need adhesive or skill to put them on. Selling magnetic eyelashes and teaching women how to use them properly will provide a great business opportunity for someone looking to break into the beauty industry.

Mobile Spa Services

Mobile spa services combine beauty with the comfort and ease of concierge service. You can have a portable spa that allows people to come on to the vehicle to receive services, or you can have your supplies and equipment is easy to move carrying cases to set up temporary spa areas in existing buildings and businesses. You can set up at a local store and events. You can contract with more substantial companies to set up offer services to their employees. You can also go to people’s houses to host spa parties. There are endless possibilities with mobile spa business.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have also snowballed in popularity as more women have realized how easy it is to get thicker, longer hair without the work or hassle of growing it out or trying different products. For women with thin hair, there are very few options to get real volume. Learning how to do hair extensions can provide you with the freedom to start your own business doing hair extensions or to approach salons to offer your services within their existing business. Many salons work on stall fees, so you can get yourself set up within a busy salon that will provide plenty of traffic as you grow.

Regardless of the type of business you start, it is vital to stay on top of the changing trends, so you grow and adjust your business as needed to continue thriving. If new product options are being released within the realm of your business, you need to be current on training techniques, prices, and opportunities. It is essential in a beauty business to offer your customers a variety of options that will make them feel pampered and beautiful. Starting any new business comes with risks, so partnering with another new business can help minimize the overall risk for each of you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to start a makeup business?
    Starting a makeup business involves conducting market research, creating a business plan, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, sourcing products, setting up an online or physical store, and implementing marketing strategies to attract customers.
  • How to start a makeup business from home?
    To start a makeup business from home, you can begin by offering freelance makeup services, selling makeup products online through e-commerce platforms, creating tutorials or makeup courses, and building a strong online presence through social media.
  • Is makeup business profitable?
    A makeup business can be profitable if you offer high-quality products or services, target the right audience, and effectively market your brand. Success in the makeup industry requires creativity, expertise, and a solid business strategy.
  • How to start a successful makeup business?
    To start a successful makeup business, focus on providing exceptional products or services, building a strong brand identity, understanding your target market, staying updated on industry trends, and delivering excellent customer service.
  • What do you need to start a makeup business?
    To start a makeup business, you need a passion for makeup, knowledge of industry trends, access to high-quality products, a business plan, funding or investment, a marketing strategy, and dedication to building and growing your brand.
  • Why makeup is bad for society?
    While makeup can enhance one’s appearance and boost confidence, excessive use or unrealistic beauty standards promoted by the beauty industry can contribute to low self-esteem, body image issues, and unhealthy beauty practices.
  • What beauty business can I start?
    There are various beauty business ideas you can start, such as a makeup artist, beauty salon or spa, skincare products, hair salon, nail salon, cosmetic retail store, beauty blog or vlog, freelance makeup services, or beauty consulting.
  • Is beauty business profitable?
    The profitability of a beauty business depends on factors such as the quality of products or services offered, market demand, competition, and effective marketing strategies. With the right approach and dedication, a beauty business can be profitable.
  • What is the best beauty business to start?
    The best beauty business to start depends on your interests, skills, and target market. Some popular options include a beauty salon or spa, makeup artist services, skincare products, cosmetic retail store, or beauty consulting.
  • What kind of beauty business can I start?
    You can start various types of beauty businesses, including makeup artist services, beauty salon or spa, skincare products, hair salon, nail salon, cosmetic retail store, beauty blog or vlog, freelance makeup services, or beauty consulting.