4 Things You Shouldn’t Let Your Dad Fix

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When you need something repaired, whether it’s at your home or some sort of electronic, the first impulse might be to give your dad a call. After all, he’s the one who fixed most things around your house while you were growing up if he is handy. However, calling dad may not be the best thing to do right off of the bat for some things. He could get injured or electrocuted if he doesn’t follow the proper safety procedures. Here are four things you shouldn’t let your dad fix at your home.

1. Leave the roof repair to the professional roofers.

If you need your roof repaired or even replaced, that’s something you need roofing contractors to take a look at for you. Not only will they be licensed and insured should something happen, but they are also the pros and know what needs to be done. They’ll get the job done quickly. If you have your dad repair it instead of a roofing company, you could end up with an even larger repair bill if he breaks something or does not install new shingles correctly. Additionally, if something happens to your roof while your dad is fixing it and your insurance company discovers you were using someone who is not licensed, they can deny you coverage and in some cases, even cancel your policy. Search for roofers in your area by typing “roofing contractors Denver” to find companies with good reviews in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and nearby areas.

2. Take your broken cell phone to a cell phone repair shop.

We store our entire lives on our smartphones, so when they stop working it’s easy to panic and try to get our electronically-savvy dads to attempt to fix it. Many phones, however, require specialized tools to repair them, and messing with them too much can cause even more damage. iPhone repair and other smartphone repairs need to be performed by someone who has had a lot of training in how to fix phones. Instead of asking your dad to repair your phone, take it to a cell phone repair shop near you that can assess the issue and either repair the phone or get you a replacement phone if the damage is too extensive.

3. Call a plumber if you have a leak.

If you see signs of a pipe leaking, then you need a licensed plumber to assist with the repair. You could have older pipes that need to be replaced completely and there could be lasting water damage that needs to be addressed. Leaving wet walls to sit will inevitably cause mold to form, which can cause respiratory problems and other health issues. Your dad may be able to fix simple toilet repairs, but unless he is a certified plumber with years of experience, he should not be repairing pipe leaks. Even if he does somehow repair it, the leak could rupture again and cause further damage to your walls, ceiling, or floors.

4. Make sure your kitchen appliances are repaired by certified technicians.

Refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and more can break and stop working from time to time. No matter what brand of appliance you have, there will be certified technicians near you who can repair the issue easily or even get you a replacement appliance if it is still under warranty. Each appliance has to be disconnected from its power source before repairs can begin, and if your dad does not properly disconnect the appliance, he could be electrocuted. He may also end up breaking something else, which could void your warranty entirely. Keep yourself protected as much as possible by contacting the company to send out their repairmen.