5 Ways to Add Style to Your Home

Add Style to Home

Raise your hand if you’ve been practicing social distancing by staying at home as often as you can.

Also raise your hand if you’ve grown tired of your home’s look.

Since it’s likely that we’ll be spending more time at home during this upcoming fall and winter, now is a great time to add a little style to your house. You may as well make it a fun quarantine project! Ready to give your house a new look but aren’t sure where to start? No worries! Settle in and listen up. Here’s how you can switch up your home’s style:

1. Add life into your home.

Literally: let’s liven up the space.

Houseplants are not only great for home decor, but there are several benefits that come from taking care of a plant. Not only do indoor plants help clean the air of spaces, but they also give you a sense of fulfillment as you work daily to nourish plants. Watching new growth happen right before your eyes is a beautiful way to lift your spirits (and add a bit of style to your home!).

If you’re looking to add some green to your interior design, a snake plant would be a great addition to your home. Snake plants (also known as Sansevieria) are gorgeous plants that require low light and low water consumption. Snake plant care is relatively easy; beginners won’t have a problem ensuring that this plant lives a long life! You can buy this beautiful houseplant from Lively Roots, an online plant shop. Check out Lively Roots to find plants that will go with your home’s personal style.

2. Redecorate your kitchen.

A brand new kitchen to create dreamy drinks and mesmerizing meals in is exactly what you need.

If you’re not sure where to start, we got you covered: Kitchen Distributers. Kitchen Distributers is a company full of award-winning kitchen designers. These designers are not only insanely creative, but they love to work with their clients to discover their own personal style. Your dream kitchen is in good hands with a general contractor from this incredible company. Check out their kitchen design showroom in Denver to get some ideas for your new custom kitchen.


3. Hang up some new prints.

With a few beautiful prints, crisp frames, and a warm space, you can create your own art gallery in your home.

Art is a perfect way to set the tone in your household. Depending on your own personal style and passions, you can hang up art that reflects your values. This decoration not only adds for a stunning look, but it tells a lot about you to any guests you welcome in your home.


Here are a few artists to check out for your next prints:

  • Melissa Koby: It’s the little things that matter: books and tea on Tuesdays, growth in self-care and plants, and joyful unity. You don’t need to paint these lovely images — Melissa has already done so.
  • Brianna Nechelle: Always authentic and always stunning, this artist creates beautiful paintings that serve as a homage to honoring the past, expressing gratitude for the present, and holding on to hope for a better future.

4. Light up candles around your home.

It’s very stylish to smell nice.

Your home should excite all five of your senses (not just sight), so a sweet-smelling home is just as important as a nice-looking home. Placing lit candles around the spaces of your house creates a warm and welcoming ambiance that can positively add to scenic view.

LightByLo is a great company to purchase delightful candles from. Based in Chicago, these luxury, hand-poured candles are available in several lovely scents. LightByLo will be restocked by September 11, so be sure to check out their sale when they become available!


5. Keep it cool and comfortable.

You can never have too many blankets, pillows, or throws.

These delightful additions to your home are often used as a pop of style for rooms, but they’re also very practical. There are few things more reassuring than cuddling up with a plushy pillow or wrapping up in a snuggly blanket. While you’re styling your home, be sure to make sure every room includes a sweet, soft touch.