A Guide to the Comfiest Underwear

a person wearing a bikini

You want comfortable underwear that you look forward to putting on. After all, it sucks when you want to wear the underwear of choice but all it does is ride up or cut into your sides. Not to mention, for those who wear bras, undergarments can reach another level of discomfort.

While it may seem challenging to find women’s underwear that feels and looks good, you should know that there are plenty of places where you can purchase premium underwear that checks off all of your boxes. Continue reading for a go-to guide to the comfiest underwear that you’re sure to love.

Switch up your typical panty style.


Maybe you hate wearing underwear so much to the point that you’ve resorted to going commando. If this is more your style, then kudos to you! However, there are many people out there who don’t want to go commando or simply don’t prefer to for certain occasions. For example, going commando while wearing skirts, dresses, and other open-bottom clothing choices isn’t exactly a risk all are willing to take.

Instead of thongs or uncomfortable cheeky underpants, go for a pair of womens boxer shorts or boxer briefs that are way more suitable and comfy, too. These boxer shorts come in a variety of colors and styles and have an elastic waistband that offers maximum comfort.

Don’t forget to ditch your uncomfortable bras.


Arguably one of the most annoying undergarments is the dreaded bra. If you have a large bust, finding a bra that doesn’t dig in is a challenge. On the other hand, small-busted women have their own set of challenges like finding the right size or cup-to-band ratio. Regardless of what your situation is, finding a bra that you want to wear is a top priority.

With this in mind, you should check out a sleep bralette that makes wearing a bra a little bit less of a chore. These bralettes are perfect for loungewear, and they offer specific styles that work for nursing mothers who notoriously have a challenging time finding undergarments that are practical, easy-to-wear, and durable.

Go for a matching set with your partner.


If you’re looking to add to your current stash of underwear and you need an excuse to buy more than you already have, then you should consider buying matching sets for you and your significant other. It can be a really fun treat to gift you and your partner matching underwear set to prompt some cozy cuddling or spark your intimate moments!

Consider buying you and your partner some matching boxers, pajama sets, or other loungewear items that match! If you need another excuse to splurge on your purchase, matching sets of pajamas or loungewear are great for the family, too.

Know which kind of underwear works for you.


As a final tip to find the comfiest underwear, you should know what sort of styles work best for your body type. For example, if you notoriously have trouble cheeky underwear riding up or if you always buy a size too big that leads to sagging, then it’s time you leave that style or size behind.

Instead, take the time to try on a variety of different underwear through a lingerie or undergarment subscription service like Adore Me or Burgundy Fox. With their subscription box, you get to choose a mixture of different pieces. Then, these companies ship your chosen items directly to your door. So whether it’s lingerie, leisurewear, sports bras, bralettes, sleepwear, or undies, you’ll get to try out different styles. This will ensure that you find the undergarments to be worth your hard-earned money.