A List of the Most Popular Beauty Trends

Popular Beauty Trends

While some beauty looks are everlasting, most trends quickly come and go, and it can be hard to keep up with all of the changes in the beauty industry. However, looking around, it is easy to identify some of the changes. Beauty trends, like fashion, can change based on a character on a TV show or a model walking the runway. The inspiration comes from many different places, and that is what makes changing trends happen organically.

Here are five beauty trends that have withstood the test of time.

1. Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and help manage headaches as you can better relax. It is often used during massages and other beauty services due to its effectiveness in helping people feel refreshed and soothed. The positive impact of better sleep and more consistent relaxation is visible, making it an essential part of every beauty routine. A wide range of all-natural and organic oils can be used for aromatherapy, and organic rosehip and lavender are particularly common. You can use an oil diffuser to reap the benefits of aromatherapy in your home and your beauty routine.

2. Coolsculpting


Coolsculpting helps with the visible reduction in fat in problem areas. It can be used on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen to reduce fat cells. It is less expensive than liposuction and non-invasive. You may experience tenderness in the treatment site, but there is otherwise no downtime following a session. Coolsculpting is ideal for people who do not have the time or money for a traditional weight loss procedure like liposuction. The risk of complications is also significantly lower than a procedure like liposuction. You will see a fat reduction in the treatment area soon after the procedure once any swelling goes down.

3. At-Home Face Masks


Facials have been a sought-after spa treatment for years, making people feel younger and more refreshed. However, more recently, the availability and quality of at-home face masks have increased dramatically, making them a staple at-home self-care activity. You can buy masks at nearly any store that sells beauty products, and they come with a variety of scents and features. You can purchase face masks for wrinkles, acne, or relaxation. You can even buy facial masks in kid sizes, so you can enjoy the activity with your son or daughter.

4. Faux Freckles


While freckles used to be something women tried to hide, they are now trendy, so women add them with make-up when they don’t appear naturally. Differences in appearance have been embraced in recent years, and women with freckles and birthmarks are now emphasizing them. While creating the look of freckles goes against the next beauty trend of being more natural, it emphasizes embracing looking different.

5. All-Natural


The trend is moving towards minimal make-up to emphasize the natural look and embrace natural hairstyles. With this trend, women are choosing to wear less make-up, and the make-up they do wear is more to emphasize their natural look, as opposed to looking differently. Likewise, women embrace their natural hair, whether straight, curly, thick, thin, or gray. Women of color are embracing natural hairstyles as well, as opposed to straightening and coloring their hair.

While still considered trends, these five beauty trends are reflective of changes in the culture of beauty. They demonstrate a shift towards embracing differences and trying new ways of achieving desired beauty. Aromatherapy has been practiced for generations but has only recently been embraced within the beauty industry. Facials have been enjoyed for decades, but at-home masks make self-care viable for people who can’t afford spa treatments.