Fashion and Jewelry Ideas to Change Your Look on the Fly

a necklace with a pendant

With the holidays coming right around the corner, it may be tempting to want to change up your look to celebrate in style. However, with everyone staying indoors now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may think it may be hard to get a new look without heading to a salon or boutique in person. But actually, there are plenty of easy ways you can change your look on the fly, from the comfort of your own home — here’s how.

Splurge on something fancy.


There’s the saying that you can never be too dressed up to go anywhere and it’s true! You can easily spruce up any outfit with a nice piece of jewelry, so treat yourself and splurge on a great statement piece. Choose a nice diamond ring, pendant, or even a pair of earrings that will elevate your outfit from drab to fab in literally seconds.

Look for a piece made by agape diamonds, these eco-friendly, lab simulated diamonds look like the real thing but will leave you with the peace of mind that they were harvested without putting anyone’s lives at risk. Check out the multiple agape diamond reviews online to learn more about this awesome brand.

Whiten your teeth.

Sometimes, you may just want to feel a bit more confident in your smile, and confidence will make any outfit look good! There are so many gentle, teeth whitening kits on the market that you can easily do from home. Just make sure you check with your dentist before you take the plunge — a quick call to the office can get you a recommendation that is safe for you and your personal dental needs. Take some time to do this and you’ll look and feel refreshed in no time.

Pick a new style of glasses.


Many people only think of glasses as a necessity, not an accessory. But a good pair of frames can really elevate your look and bring your wardrobe to a whole new level. The best part is that there are so many affordable glasses retailers online where you can enter in your prescription and find an affordable, yet quality set of frames. This way, you can buy a few different pairs in multiple patterns and colors without breaking the bank and regretting it later.

Play up with patterns.

Many people think that you cant mix up different patterns on your tops and your bottoms without creating fashion chaos — but this is untrue! You can easily mix up patterns on your pants and blouses and jackets as long as you stay within the same color scheme. So for example, you pick a pair of dark blue pants with white polka dots. Pair that with a light blue floral print top, and maybe even a blue striped blazer for a look that pops. Feel free to mix fabrics — as long as you have a monochromatic look going, you’ll be golden. Plus, you can even use this tip to put a new spin on some old items sitting in your closet.

Get a manicure.


Everyone feels more confident with their nails freshly primped and polished. So why not dabble in some self-care and get your nails done? The best part of all is that there are easy ways to give yourself a salon-quality makeover yourself, with some stick on gel nails, you can be looking fresh without paying the big bucks. And who doesn’t like that new, shiny feeling of a fresh mani?

As you can see, changing up your look is quite easy if you have some creativity. Go ahead and use these tips to your advantage and you’ll be rocking that new look in the blink of an eye.