Fun Ideas on How to Incorporate Your Pet in Your Wedding

a man and woman walking a dog

Your pet is your best friend, your fur baby, and in some cases, the love of your life. So why wouldn’t you want to include them in one of the biggest days in your life: your wedding day? Whether you own a scaly reptile, a fluffy dog, a moody cat, or even a horse, here are some adorable ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding day festivities.

Use their picture on the save the dates.


It’s quite common to send out save the dates for your wedding, especially if it’s more than a year away. This gives the perfect opportunity to showcase your pet front and center and have them be a mascot for your love. And it’s pretty easy too—have them pose with a sign that says “my humans are getting married,” and include the specific dates and details.

Plus, there are plenty of ways you can stage the photo; you can put your rings on their nose, have a picture taken of you and your partner holding the animal, or even dress them up in a holiday-themed outfit if your wedding will be near a popular holiday. The ideas are limitless.

Have your pet be the ring bearer.

There’s no need to have a small child be your ring bearer when your pooch can do it! If they’re well trained to walk by themselves, you can put the rings on a string around the dog’s neck, and they can be easily called down the aisle by your officiant. If they’re a little less mobile, put them in a wagon on a pillow, and have a child lead them down. Just make sure you have a designated pet handler to take over after they give over the rings, so they don’t get in the middle when you’re saying your vows!

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Pose with them in pictures.


Your pet deserves to be caught on camera during your wedding, so make sure to include them in some of your snaps. Be sure to get creative. You can pose with them when you’re getting ready, when you’re riding to the venue, during the ceremony, and when you’re posing with your partner. You can even just steal away for some alone time to help you decompress with your pup from the craziness of the day. They’ll be your cutest accessory, and these photos will make for cherished memories for years to come.

Dress them in an adorable outfit.

Your pup should be dressed up as well as you are during your wedding. Why not add a flower crown and a tutu if they’re a girl, or a bowtie if they’re a boy? There are plenty of ways you can dress them up and add accessories to their ears, neck, and tail, but you’ll want to ensure your puppy has a secure fit on their harness and leash. For safety reasons, you’ll want to make sure they can be restrained by a dog harness with handle and a short leash with flexible loops—you can even decorate these with pearls, diamonds, and sparkles to make them pop even more!

With a little creativity, your pet can become one of the best parts of your whole wedding day. After all, what more could you want than a great experience with your new spouse and your favorite furry friend?