Home Decor Ideas for Witches

a couple of chairs in a room

The practice of witchcraft dates back for centuries and is a sacred cultural practice that lives on in the present, with an array of different covens and practices. While being a witch is both a lifestyle and religious commitment, witches also have a distinct aesthetic which is its own commitment. Witches often focus on nature, pulling beautiful earth tones, jewel tones, natural textures like wood and furs, and metalwork into the aesthetic of their fashion and home design. This is largely due to the ritual practices of witches — the use of herbs such as sage in spiritual practice, and the use of crystals for channeling different energies, to name a few. If you’re new to witchcraft, Wicca, and the occult, or are just starting to explore, here are some witchy decor ideas to get you started in the immersion of Wiccan culture.

Fur Rugs

Fur rugs are trendy for various decorative aesthetics, but for witches, they hold a more symbolic connection. Witches and animal spirits — like cats, wolves, owls, and more — have a strong spiritual connection which can help mold their approach to their practice of witchcraft. Bringing in the textures of fur in your decoration, like rugs and pillows, will help bring that spiritual animal connection into your home. Unfortunately, real fur rugs are unethical and not sustainable, and faux fur rugs can be incredibly expensive.

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Herbs and Crystals


Crystals and herbs such as sage are elemental tools which help cleanse earthly energies and align them. These items are for practical use but are also items that can be placed on an altar which a raised platform used for worship and prayer. For example, emeralds open the heart for love and loyalty, jade introduces the mind to ambition and productivity, and the amethyst helps to quiet the mind. Burning sage heals, cedar protects, and lavender invites the spirits. Place these items on your altar or around your home, but make sure you curate them to meet your spiritual needs and goals. No matter which herbs and crystals you pick, they will channel and bring out the witchy vibes of your home.

Metal Work


Metalwork is a deceivingly major part of a witch’s aesthetic. Wearing metal jewelry or using metal tools are just some of the many metal objects witches utilize in their lifestyle and personal practices. While at first mention knives may seem dangerous and taboo, they’re actually an important part of witch practices. Tools like the athame, blades, a silver dagger, or any other daggers, are all heavily utilized in the rituals of Wiccans and witches alike. The wielder of these items must have a strong connection to the blade, so each tool is different and should be well-paired to its wielder regardless of its use in a ritual setting.

More specifically, the ceremonial blade known as the athame — or athame — is one of the four elemental tools that is used in modern witchcraft, representing the element of fire in most traditions. Depending on its use, the athame does not need to be sharpened. Often, practitioners dull the blade to avoid unnecessary injury to themselves or to others. Other covens sharpen both sides of the knife in order to more easily carve a pentagram in the air while keeping the blade facing outward at all times. Keep this tool on your altar for easy access during your active rituals.

All in all, the biggest takeaway is that in order to decorate a witch’s household, you must be constantly learning and growing as an active, practicing witch. The things that you use in rituals will ultimately be what lies around your house, providing the decoration for a witch’s aesthetic.