How Can I Create a Guest Bathroom My Visitors Will Love?

a bathroom with a shower and a sink

Renovation projects are vast and can take shape in any part of your house. Everything in your home can be revamped from your master bedroom to your kitchen and everything in between. This goes without saying your guest bathroom is one of those forgotten places which could really benefit from redecoration.

You can make your guests comfortable and happy with comfortable toilet seats, bright lighting, and an aromatic ambiance to help them relax in your home. Keep your guests happy with these bathroom renovation ideas they’ll love.

Hire an Interior Designer


When you first start planning your bathroom renovation you will want to first consider if you prefer hiring an interior designer. Interior design firms like Brayton Interiors offer full-service interior design for modern residences. They design everything from CAD designs of your home to 3D renderings of your renovation, as well as shop for furniture and materials. Additionally, they will coordinate with architects and builders and oversee installations of hardware, plumbing, and lighting. Hiring Brayton Interiors can save you a lot of time and money when revamping your guest bathroom from the floor tiles to the showerhead.

Remodel the Shower Stall

If you choose to do the designing work by yourself, then you may have to hire a contractor. For example, if you’re looking to remodel your shower stall, you may want to call Luxbath. They offer fast installation of fully customizable and luxurious shower stalls. They cover every step in the process of remodeling shower stalls, such as installing shower doors and accessories like showerheads and fixtures. So if changing your shower is part of your project, contact Luxbath for a free consultation.

Choose a Theme


To spice up your bathroom you may want to choose a theme for its decoration. For example, some people prefer to decorate their guest bathrooms according to the holiday seasons such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Halloween. Likewise, you can choose to use a decoration style like modern, antique, floral, or marble, among others. Once you have your theme, you can start choosing colors and accessories to go with said style.

Have an Accent Wall

Having an accent wall makes a bathroom less boring. This wall can be inside the shower or behind the sink or the toilet. You can choose to paint the wall in a specific color or shade that pops, or you can use wallpaper to boldly establish a pattern or design. Whichever your choice, be sure it’s only one wall because you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with too much pizzazz.

Add a Fabulous Mirror


Additionally, you can include a well-lit mirror in your bathroom so your guests can fix themselves or ready themselves during their visit. This mirror can be in any shape or color that matches your theme as well as include a backlight to give a sense of elegance and depth in the room.

Match Your Fabrics

You can also match your fabrics with your theme. For example, if you choose a boho themes bathroom décor, then you could have rugs or wall ornaments with tassels or solid lines and patterns. Additionally, you can match your rugs with your shower curtain if you have one or your toilet seat cover.

Hang Your Shelves


To make room in your bathroom and give your guests some space to put their belongings when visiting the john, you can install shelves on your walls. These can be placed above your toilet for a more spacious area or above your sink for easy access.

Add Plants and Fragrances

Lastly, your guests will love to see plants in your bathroom as they can freshen up a room in addition to fragrances from reed diffusers, scented candles, or potpourri. Whatever your method of aromatizing your restroom, your guests will be delighted to have other more friendly smells caressing their noses.

Your guest bathroom can be as fun or modern for your guests as you want it to be, all you have to do is give it your own touch.