How to Decorate Your Home Like a Celebrity

Decorate Your Home

The way you decorate your home has a huge impact on the overall atmosphere, and it’s one of the most important factors in determining a guest’s impression of your home. Redecorating can be a great idea for many reasons from instilling a sense of pride in your home to raising its overall value. If you’re a fan of interior design shows, you’ve no doubt seen some fancy home that you’d love to imitate but maybe feel you don’t have the money or design skills to pull it off.

While decorating your home as your favorite celebrity could easily be a monumental task from a financial standpoint, you don’t need millions to do a great job with your home decor. Here are some relatively simple things you can add that are sure to impress neighbors and guests.

Backyard Pool

Building a new swimming pool is no small investment, and it won’t be right for all homeowners. If you have a family and want to encourage spending more time together, or if you frequently host parties and other gatherings, you can turn your yard into a resort with an in-ground pool.

If you live in the Tampa area, for example, these experienced swimming pool builders Tampa can help you with every step from pool design to pool installation. You can even install additional water features or set up outdoor kitchens. There are few things that can make you the star of the neighborhood like a custom pool.

Home Theater

If a pool doesn’t seem right for you, but you still want to wow your guests, you can give everyone a great experience with an impressive home theater. Lutron in Austin can install home theaters equipped with 4k projector screens, immersive audio, and more. With a touchscreen, you can easily control all aspects of your theater and even set the projector to descend, Bluray player to turn on, and the lights to adjust with the touch of a single button. You can even have a rack installed so you’ll have easy access to all of your electronics in one place.

Smart Lighting


Why stop with just the theater? Lighting plays a huge roll in setting the mood of each room, and Lutron electronics can upgrade your entire home with some of the best equipment in the lighting industry. Automatic shades make it easy to control the amount of natural light you get, and convenient light controls let you adjust lights in the whole house from one keypad, so there’s no need for switches all over your home. You can even set up a geofence so your home can detect when you leave and automatically shut off the lights.

Wall Art


If installing new features seems a bit overkill, or you’re just trying to save some money, you can dramatically alter any room with new wall art. This could include a single large piece, making a gallery wall of smaller pieces, or some more creative ideas. You can decorate with anything, including plants, kitchen utensils, or fabrics so long as it’s interesting and compliments your furniture.

You can even turn your living room into something like an art museum exhibit without spending much. Canvas prints are high-quality and can often be bought for as little as a fast food meal. You can print original works, professional-grade photographs, or even some cool pictures you found online and hang them any way you want.

Unique Furniture

If you really want to stand out, then it won’t do to just follow whatever the current trends are. You can always make unique choices with your decorations, but your furniture anchors any room. You don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive pieces you can find in stores—in fact, that would probably ensure you had the same furniture as many other people. Check online for things you don’t see in your area, and choose something that fits you. Putting your own twist on your interior design is one of the best things homeowners can do.