How To Know if I Should Remodel or Sell My House

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The choice to sell a home is a big one. Homeowners from all walks of life often ponder the decision to remodel their property in order to reimagine the space to better suit their needs against a move into a new home. The question is an important one, but the decision doesn’t have to be difficult. Weighing the options against one another is a great way to solve this problem, and in the process, you and your family may even grow closer together.



The process of remodeling a home can be daunting for many homeowners who are new to the renovation space. Yet U.S. homeowners engage in a dizzying number of remodeling processes each year—to the tune of more than $400 billion, collectively. Getting started here might give you the bug to continue enjoying your time in a home that carries so many dear memories. Remodels don’t have to be intense endeavors that last months either. Many homeowners choose to redesign a bathroom or the kitchen, install new, luxurious flooring, or add an extension to the back of the home that can serve as a game room, home office, or guest room. These projects can range from a few days to a few weeks in duration, and once the renovation is completed, you’ll have this new installation featured prominently in your home for the remainder of your time in the property.

A remodeling company in San Diego should be your first stop in the journey to reinvent your home. Real estate agents and well-rooted
property owners alike know the value of hiring a great remodeling company in the local area. With the help of a remodeler early in the process, you can tap into their vast knowledge and years of experience to gain a better understanding of pricing, timelines for the project, and even style and amenity inclusion options that you may not have thought of yourself. A professional in this space is a must for both the planning and execution phases of any remodel that you may want to undertake.



Property owners may opt to move instead of making structural improvements to their property. This is a great option for those who have dramatically different lifestyle needs now in contrast to the needs they had during their move into the property in the first place. The average homeowner in the United States moves roughly every 13 years. This is due to a variety of needs and concerns, but the main focus of any move is in lifestyle change. As your children grow up, you will likely need less—or at least different—space for the family to relax and gather in. Likewise, homeowners often receive promotions and raises throughout their lifetimes, and a more luxurious or spacious home becomes a more achievable goal later in life.

Regardless of your reasons for considering a move, it’s best to speak with a real estate agent as early as possible so that you can gain a better sense of the market conditions and available properties out there that suit your needs. Home sellers are typically also home buyers, so speaking with a professional realtor, like the ones at Marc de Longeville Real Estate, can help you settle into the tasks that will come along with the listing, sale, and moving process. Realtors know their local markets inside and out, and they can help you get the best deal in both aspects of your moving process as a result.

Whether you’re thinking of a remodel or a move, speaking with professionals in the industry can help you gain clarity and select the option that best suits your needs.