Innovative Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas This Year (Without Breaking Tradition)

a person holding a paper with a plant on it

October is the official transition month: As soon as we call it a day on the 31st, it’s time to take down the bats and pin up the lights. 

Despite being a long-awaited holiday, Christmas is surprisingly dreaded by 45% of Americans because of unforeseen expenses. Another factor would be the repetitiveness: the same people, the same recipes, and the same old Christmas tree. How can you change that?

Even the simplest ambient changes can improve moods, and new decoration is the perfect way to innovate. The best part is that this activity can involve the whole family and bring the feeling of unity we all crave during this time of year. So, how can you make this year’s Christmas décor worthwhile without breaking the bank? 

Get creative with Christmas lights

Who would’ve thought that Christmas lights could be revolutionary? They’ve gone from sparkly little adornments to app-controlled colorful explosions. 

Garnish your trees (or any part of the house) with affordable professional christmas lights that can be adjusted in any shade and create so many different patterns. By simply using an app to operate them, the lights can follow a music sensory and create incredible and unique color combinations that shine to the sound of music. 

Assemble a gallery wall

Looking at picture albums and reveling in fond memories is a habit likely to fade over time, especially when the kids grow up. That’s why you should keep your best moments where everyone can see them. 

A perfect gallery wall should gather the family’s dearest Christmas moments over the years, along with inspiring quotes and ornamental items such as ribbons, Christmas stockings, and gift wraps. 

For a more high-tech (but not less affectionate) approach to picture albums, an online cloud photo storage device will let you share your best moments privately with only those who matter to you. Think of it as social media, used only by your favorite people. 

You’ve probably took several pictures last Christmas that you had to delete because of insufficient space on your phone. But don’t worry: With massive space to store over 250,000 photos and videos, a smart photo manager will keep them all in one place. 

Do it yourselves

Have kids willing to get their hands dirty (the fun way)? DIY décor is a great alternative to store-bought items, because you get to spend time with your family creating fun ornaments that are essentially yours. 

Take an afternoon off to create unique and reusable Christmas pieces that will embellish your house with personality and fond memories. Aside from cards, you can create customized tree balls, wraps, wreaths, and garlands. It’s up to your imagination. Just be careful with hot glue and pointy objects. 

Don’t buy a Christmas tree

Legend has it that Martin Luther brought home his first Christmas tree in the 16th century, and we all have followed suit since then. But what if you didn’t repeat the same ritual every year?

Don’t buy a Christmas tree — create it! This can work as a DIY project or you could have someone artistically skillful make it for you. The best part is, it doesn’t have to be a conventional fir or pine tree. You can use anything from empty beer bottles you have lying around, to tin cans, to books. There’s no limit to the items you can use to create and decorate a masterpiece with the help of your loved ones. 

Giving tradition a makeover is harmless and fun, and certainly better than leaving your house bare or the same as last year. It’s time to explore imaginative options and finally turn holidays around this year. Have you already started decorating your home for Christmas?