It’s Time to Consider These 5 Home Upgrades

a brick wall with a hole in it

With the coronavirus surging through the U.S., it’s likely you’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time at home. As a homeowner, you’ve probably started noticing all the things that could use fixing or upgrading around the house. They may even have caused a tiff or two between you and your housemates (it happens to the best of us).

According to Investopedia, a home improvement project or renovation has the potential to increase the average cost of your home when or if you try to sell it. Since the housing market is on the road to recovery in the U.S., as a homeowner, it can only be beneficial to play it safe with some upgrades. Check out the following five home improvement upgrades to consider if you’re a homeowner looking to boost your property value.

1. Invest in roof repair.

Getting regular maintenance (such as replacing shingles) from qualified roof contractors is going to prevent leaks, drafts, and extend the life of your roof. Since repairs are cheaper than getting a whole new roof this saves you more money both now and down the road. Whether you’re looking for commercial roof repairs or maintenance done on residential roofs, you will find durable options such as asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or tile roofing when you contact Metro City Roofing. These Denver roofers service multiples areas in the Denver Metro Front Range area such as Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Adams County, Boulder, and many more.

Whether you need a completely new roof or need some basic roof repairs done, it’s important to hire professional roofers with years of experience for a project this crucial to your structural integrity. By hiring a Denver roofer you will receive quality roofing services from roofers who pride themselves on having excellent customer satisfaction. Not only do the roof installers and technicians at this roofing company provide quality service and craftsmanship, but they also aid with dealing with your insurance company when it comes to filing an insurance claim for damage to your roof (such as hail damage, wind damage, damage caused by debris, etc.). Let the team of experts at Metro City Roofing handle the hassle of dealing with the insurance company for covering the cost of your roof replacement or roof repair for you. You can even contact Metro City Roofing today to request a free inspection and get your roof project started ASAP.

2. Consider water filtration services.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), not only is drinking plenty of water good for your weight as water has zero calories, but drinking water prevents symptoms of dehydration such as constipation, overheating, unclear thinking, mood changes, and kidney stones. You definitely want to avoid that last one. Unfortunately, drinking water can be difficult, mostly because it doesn’t taste particularly good.

Luckily, by getting a water filtration service you can get the healthiest and best tasting water possible to get yourself drinking more water and reduce the effects of hard water on your appliances and faucets. The water filtration specialists at Labrador Source can advise you on the best solution for your water needs. For example, if you desire a new water filtration system would it be better to go with a reverse osmosis system or an activated charcoal filtration system for your tap water?

Charcoal is good for getting rid of impurities and chlorine (and that chlorine taste), but if hard water is an issue in your area, reverse osmosis may be better since it filters the water of any contaminants and reduces the effects of hard water on your appliances and faucets (such as mineral deposit buildup caused by hard minerals like calcium and magnesium).

Whether you desire bottled water delivery or a whole new system to thoroughly filter your water system, you’re sure to be a satisfied customer by going through Labrador Source water filtration. They’ll even come and do maintenance on your system every six months to ensure you’re always drinking the cleanest and best tasting water possible.

3. Update your air conditioning.

Let’s be honest — if you’re living in one of the extremely hot states in the U.S. (such as Florida, for example), then you’re going to want the option of having your air conditioner (AC) on basically every day. And when you’re air conditioning system is on every day it needs maintenance so that your central air doesn’t break down. Luckily, the qualified team at Direct Air Conditioning has options for either updating or maintaining your AC central air system.

With a history of excellent customer service and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Direct Air has options for installing a completely new AC unit, air quality services (including duct cleaning services for better ventilation), and repair services to make sure you won’t end up overheated this summer (or, anytime throughout the year). Give yourself some peace of mind and get a free estimate at Direct Air Conditioning and find out about their “upfront” pricing and financing options.

Installing quality air conditioning in your home will keep you, your family, your pets, and your guests extremely comfortable in the harsh summer months. As if this wasn’t enough, according to a 2016 article in Money Magazine, having central air can also increase property value by as much as 10 percent.

4. On a budget? Make small improvements.

The most common home improvement project is probably the kitchen, considering its functionality and centrality in most homes. In fact, Investopedia says that even minor kitchen improvements can help you recoup up to 77.6 percent of your money in resale value. So, if you’re short on funds, no worries. Even small things like repainting, redoing the kitchen cabinets (or even just fixing doors on existing cabinets), upgrading the countertops, getting a new energy-efficient dishwasher, installing a garbage disposal, getting the latest trend in energy-efficient refrigeration, or getting new flooring can make huge improvements.

If you’ve already done remodeling in your kitchen, then consider another one of the most common home improvement projects, such as:

  • Adding to your patio space.
  • Upgrading a room’s interior design with a fresh coat of paint and/or adding crown molding.
  • Installing new floors.
  • Redoing the carpet in a bedroom.
  • Decorating your work area with some accessories.
  • Finding clever storage options for storing detergents in your laundry room.
  • Installing a nice tub in your bathroom.
  • Replacing an old garage door.

Remodeling doesn’t always have to be such hard work. Sometimes, a popular home improvement project can be as simple as fresh paint and creative ways of storing belongings.

5. Upgrade your curb appeal.

According to a recent article from Consumer Reports (CM), if a homeowner is considering selling a home in the U.S., “curb appeal is key”. They recommend home improvement projects such as keeping the landscaping in good condition noting that keeping the lawn trimmed and adding flowers for color is an easy way to beautify any home’s curb appeal. When landscaping, you could also consider planting a tree, considering everyone loves shade and CM notes how a mature tree can add thousands of dollars to resale value.

The article also notes how updated outdoor living spaces such as the deck or patio area with a fire-pit has become extremely popular since the pandemic. If you’re on a budget, small improvements made to the front of the home like upgrading the light fixtures and adding solar-powered walkway lights or repainting the front door go a long way in revamping the curb appeal. If it’s your first time as a homeowner, you may desire to be unique and creative with your new space. That’s great, but you must always consider what the average homeowner will want in case you desire to (or need to) sell the home in the future.

Bonus tip: Keeping outdoor paneling clean and in good condition and keeping the surrounding area clean, welcoming, and stylish will do a great job of keeping your home in good condition while increasing curb appeal.