Keep it Classy: Tips and Tricks for Making Your Dream Home a Reality

a white chair next to a table

Although your dream home might not be exactly what you pictured when you were a kid—castles are difficult to come by these days—you probably have a very clear vision of where you’d like to live. Whether you want to start from scratch and buy your dream home or maybe you’d rather spruce up your current home to make it your ideal living space, you probably feel like there are a lot of steps to take on your perfect home journey. Like a knight on his way to save a damsel, don’t be daunted by the path you must take—everything will be worth it in the end. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your dream home a reality.

Home buying in the time of corona

Like every epic journey, there’s always at least a little conflict. Currently, everyone’s collective antagonist is COVID-19. Although it might feel like a huge setback, you don’t have to put your dreams on pause. It’s certainly a different experience from what you probably expected when shopping for your perfect home, but you can actually purchase your home digitally. This includes meeting your agent through video chat, seeing the home that piques your interest through a virtual tour, signing all of the necessary papers with your e-signatures, and applying for home loans online. Some online lenders can actually offer you more competitive interest rates than bigger banks can in person, saving you money in the long run. Just imagine how nice it will be to have a new home, a change of scenery, and the time to actually unpack without the distractions of the outside world.

Your dream realized from floor to ceiling

A huge part of making your dream home a reality is choosing how the interior looks and forming a cohesive vision. The easiest way to elevate your home is to decorate it with furniture. Furniture, although functional, should also be treated as pieces of artwork. Couches, chairs, and tables create positive and negative space to form your ultimate masterpiece. For a classy home, you need classy furniture. Look no further than Groms, luxury furniture, and décor company in New York, for that timeless, high-end look.

If you want to look like you live in the city, you have to buy from the city. For that kind of style, you’ll want to shop the Uptown and Downtown collections. For a more casual and coastal-inspired feel, consider their Hamptons collection. You won’t need an interior designer to vet these pieces. Every table and chair will make your home even dreamier than you could have imagined.

A road map

Every quest needs a map. To create a new, classy living space, you must come in with a game plan. Sometimes, there are happy accidents and you’ll stumble upon the perfect piece of artwork, but it’s better not to leave too much up to chance. Make sure you pick a color scheme for each room and try to stick as closely to that as possible. Color sets the mood and tone of a space. If you end up mix-matching furniture, make sure it lives in the same kind of genre. It’s helpful if you have a copy of your floor plan so you can envision how the items you’re interested in purchasing will fit together. That should prevent any measuring mishaps, as long as you mark things to scale.

Bringing the outside in

Although plants don’t actually improve the air quality of your home, they can really class up your space and bring it to life. If you’re worried about having a green thumb, get something easy to care for, like cacti. They’ll certainly keep your home looking sharp.