Planning a Luxurious Girls’ Night In

a group of people holding drinks

For years, a “girl’s night out” has been the ultimate evening of fun and friendship. It’s the best—you grab your best ladies and head out for a night on the town of dancing and drinks, seeing a show, or trying a new activity. These are the fun times and great memories that you will hold on to for years to come. But who decided you can only make memories and have fun on a girls’ night out? What if you could enjoy those same meaningful connections with your best friends right in the comfort of your own home?

We introduce to you: girls’ night in. A wonderful, fun time for you and your girlfriends to enjoy each others’ company in a comfortable setting as an opportunity to recharge. Just because you chose to stay in, does not mean you can’t still have a luxurious evening. In fact, you may even have more opportunities to create an amazing experience by staying in. From online shopping to an at-home spa or a movie marathon, there are so many great ways to plan an excellent girls’ night in. Your best ladies deserve complete pampering and relaxation. Help create that luxury experience by planning the perfect girl’s night in.

Bring the best accessories.

Perhaps one of your favorite parts of a girl’s night out is getting ready and dressing to impress. There is no rule that says you can’t do the same just because you’re staying in. Fabulous accessories and promotions are still encouraged for a night in. Women’s watches for sale at Watchbox can complete any look, and these new arrivals and stainless steel fixings would make anyone swoon. Your jewelry completes your look and can help you look and feel your best, and a little bit goes a long way to help you and your girlfriends look and feel fabulous. So fill up the shopping bag with these luxury items that you can enjoy, even on a girl’s night in.

Have a spa night.

A great way to embrace luxury is to embrace relaxation. After you get dressed up and enjoy that part of the evening, it can be a great activity to have an at-home spa night. Bring on the face masks and foot creams, do your nails and give each other basic facials. This is a great idea for an evening of pampering and taking care of your mental health. After all, when you think girls’ night in, you think about relaxation and beauty tips, right?

Plan some games and activities.

You can’t plan the perfect girl’s night without a schedule of great activities. Talk to your girlfriends about some games and activities you all may enjoy. This can be a plethora of different things. Maybe you all want to do a puzzle together or practice your chef skills by cooking a fun dinner. Maybe you need some more downtime after busy days and would prefer a movie marathon. Or maybe you’re all competitive and would enjoy an evening of games and playful competition. Whatever fits the group dynamic will make for a fun evening and great memories.

Create a killer menu.

No girls’ night is complete without food and drinks. As you’re planning your evening, have an idea of what you want to feed your girlfriends. If you’re really going for luxury, consider ordering from a fancy chef or even prepping to cook yourselves as a fun activity. Aside from the food, you definitely need some drinks you can all enjoy. Consider crafting a girl’s night cocktail to enjoy while you dish about your work weeks. Or consider popping open a few bottles of wine and enjoying a wine and movie night. If your guests are fed and happy, they’re sure to have a great night.