Pool Design Ideas for Small Homes

a person swimming in water

Picking the perfect pool for your home might seem like a simple task. However, when you consider some of the added features, fixtures, and amenities, costs start increasing. Especially if you own a smaller home, it’s often difficult to find your yard’s ideal fit. After all, you don’t want a pool that appears to dwarf your living space.

Whether you’re choosing between in-ground or above-ground spas or you’re looking into different add-on fixtures, here’s what you need to keep in mind when choosing a pool design for a smaller home.

Decide between a custom pool or a pre-made design.


Before you invest in a new pool, you need to make some key decisions for your budget and space. While a pool builder might be able to provide some counsel during an initial walkthrough or consultation, the choice is ultimately up to you. For a new pool, pre-made and custom designs each have their own benefits. A custom pool may allow your backyard more flexibility and come with added water features like waterfalls and spas. However, a pool company is much more likely to charge more for these additional features, and you can bet they won’t be cheap.

On the other hand, a pre-made swimming pool design is more affordable when it comes to new pool construction. The competitive prices for new pool construction are less stressful for homeowners. Plus, you still get the highest quality for your new pool construction. You’ll also want to consider additional upgrades for your outdoor living areas, as well. From solid color pavers to pool floats and new arrivals, you’ll want to meet with a swimming pool construction company that can walk you through the overall process.

When you’re looking for a new pool construction pro, it’s best to start on the internet. Do a search based on your location. For example, if you live in Lakeland, FL, you may want to search for phrases like “Lakeland Florida pool builders.” If you live in Hillsborough, do the same. It’ll help you find a design consultant that can turn your space into a backyard oasis.

Consider the seasonality of your outdoor living areas.


While getting the highest quality pools for competitive prices is important, you also want to make sure your space is more functional. Think of how your weather has been in the last year. If you live in Tampa or Orlando, you probably don’t have to worry too much about snowy days. Rain, on the other hand, is a near-constant factor. As you move north, you’re likely to experience all the seasons in succession. If you want a pool that can double as a relaxing winter haven, you’ll want to invest in add-ons that enclose the swimming space. This is often harder for smaller homes, however.

If you want to spend your days by a mock-Caribbean pool, sunning in your petite maxi dresses, you’re going to want to ensure that your custom pool design or pre-made design can withstand the seasonality. After all, no petite girl wants to have to put on a jumpsuit to go out to the pool. Local weather can definitely impact your decision-making, so it’s important to consider how seasonality may impact your plans. Otherwise, you’ll need to ensure that you have a way to winterize your pool space when the time is right.

Beyond these key tips, you should also look for discounts and coupons to help you find competitive prices. It’s also a good idea to look for an offer of free shipping for any added water features. Make sure to look at refund policies as well. While your home may be small, that doesn’t mean your pool can’t be mighty.