Questions To Ask a Commercial Architect Before Hiring Them

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Residential architecture and interior design professionals are why we have ancient durable structures that are still relevant, including the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and other antique architectural masterpieces around the world. Commercial properties with their complex on-brand needs also require architects to let their business vision materialize.

Generally, a sense of space and timelessness are among the many reasons people hire architects. But enlisting an architect for a new building isn’t a task to take lightly. Many architectural projects demand a lot of money. Having an overview of how things will roll out before the final approval can be the best option for clients. Here are some questions to ask a commercial architecture expert before hiring them.

Who is the lead architect for your project?


An architect can be of immense help, whether you’re starting a new project or an old one that needs extensive renovation.

But unless you’re dealing with an architect friend or sole-proprietor architect, you may not meet the architectural designer in charge until all is said and done. That’s the culture of the seasoned Alex Korter and several other professional architects in Colorado.

These CO architects work as a collective guided by an established philosophy and style. Typically, this should be okay unless you have specific reservations for the use of metal and other materials in constructing your project. Seeing the lead can be a great way to ramp up assurance that your project is in the best hands.

Does the firm have a signature style or philosophy?

Architecture is an art and a science. The art in architectural discipline works like music with specific artists towing the direction of a particular genre. Full-service architectural expertise comes with specialization. One architecture firm can be very keen on energy consumption while sustainable use of space and materials is the guiding philosophy of another.

Take an architect who has the latter as a signature. Such professionals can model designs to suit the most complex surroundings, including a desert climate. And they are likely to use daylight sunshades to leverage natural light instead of relying on excessive lighting equipment.

For restaurant owners, such architects can help you cut back on restaurant equipment loans and expenses. Restaurant equipment leases afford restaurant owners flexible financing options for all the major appliances you need to start your restaurant. Commercial restaurant equipment leasing services work just as a business owner paying affordable monthly payments to their staff after evaluating work.

Can you show proof of work?

Dreamy architectural ideas are easy to produce. But as to whether they are feasible is another problem. The best way to be sure of your architect’s work is to take conceptual conversations to the next level. As a new business owner, you can demand an architect’s commercial portfolio. You may see complex designs that can give some level of trust for their work.

However, going for seasoned architects can be the only option to avoid any unexpected expenses and disappointments. If you’re a restauranteur, you can check out architects who have made it big in the restaurant industry. Check with an established restaurant if they can help with recommendations.

How much you do charge?


Many architects use an interdisciplinary approach across construction and project management. So the amount of money charged will be based on the mix of services and activities captured in the scope of work. In charging for an architectural project, the project’s size matters as much as the kinds of equipment used. Some building materials require exclusive expertise and a significant amount of money to cover installation costs and other expenses.

The usual billing practice is to demand a retainer before the project starts and then spread the balance over a long term for clients.

Mostly, the best option is to agree on payment terms that settle finance charges for the construction before your architect’s service fees.