Quick Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Creative Juices Flowing

Whether you work in a creative field or simply turn to creative projects as a hobby, you know how difficult it can be to work on a project when you are feeling uninspired. The good news is that this is a common problem for all creative types. Fortunately, many others have found ways to work back into that flow state. If you are in a creative rut and are looking to get back to your inspiration, here are some quick ways to get your creative juices flowing that you can use in a pinch!


1. Look to the Internet for Support on Your Next Project

Creating something from nothing can be a difficult task, especially if your ideas aren’t coming to you naturally. Rather than sitting and trying to force your creativity out of you, look online for inspiration. Websites like PaintLoose provide artists with tutorials on DIY projects that they may want to try on their own, which can be a great way to work around your artist’s block and still create something. Additionally, there are a host of DIY products showcased on the site that can help you get some inspiration on a project that you may want to tackle next. Remember, when we can’t think of something to create, there is an abundance of ideas online that can help us!

2. Take a Break and Walk Away

Unless you have a creative project that is on a tight deadline, take a break. Although this may seem counterintuitive to those trying to get a project out, sitting in front of work that isn’t getting done will only add to your frustration. Give yourself time to relax and detach yourself from your work. During your break, you may want to take a quick nap, go on a walk, or even do something that requires no creativity at all. When you come back to your work, you may feel refreshed and in a better mindset to be creative. If you’re not getting anything accomplished, sitting and staring at the project won’t help you get more done. Take a break and walk away.

3. Create the Right Space and State of Mind for Your Projects

Some people can be creative anywhere. Others need a specific space in order to get something done. If you fall into the latter category, dedicate a certain space within your house to creative projects. If this space is becoming too familiar and you need something fresh and exciting to become energized, find a new space to work in that brings life to your creative energy. Being able to feel focused when creating something is essential to the process.

Another thing to consider is your current state of mind. If you feel pressured or agitated by your work, it can be harder to get into it. One way to work around this is to find something that relaxes you before working. For some, this may be a cup of tea. For others, they may want to turn to natural remedies like cannabidiol (CBD) flowers. What is a CBD flower? A CBD flower is a type of hemp flower that contains cannabidiol, which is a substance found within the plant that is said to foster relaxation and, in small doses, potentially boost your energy. If CBD is something that you have been looking into, turning to an authoritative website like Plain Jane can help you learn more about these products and find one that is right for you.

Feeling stuck on personal or professional creative projects can be frustrating. However, there are ways to work around these temporary roadblocks. Are you struggling to get creative work out? If so, use the tips above to bring back your creative juices and start the project you want.