Speed Up the Sale: Tips for Home Sellers

a key chain and a house

Homeowners undoubtedly share special bonds with their properties since they hold cherished memories and represent substantial financial investments. However, selling your home will likely become necessary, and you may need your home to move through the open real estate market faster than usual for various reasons.

Factors like location and market forces cannot be tweaked to your advantage when selling your home because these are external influencers that you can’t control. However, you can leverage several other helpful tips to ensure that your home sells quickly on the market. Below are some crucial things you should do to sell your property quickly when the need arises.

Sell to a wholesaler.


Many home sellers naturally expect a buyer through real estate agents, friends and family recommendations, or online listings. However, these conventional avenues may be slower than you expect, so you can always sell to a wholesaler as a guaranteed way to get your money quickly. Wholesalers are the middlemen when you sell your house and typically give you a fair amount for your property instead of the top dollar.

These buyers take the property off your hand for ready cash and offload them to cash buyers at their end who are seeking your exact home type. Flipping to a wholesaler is always faster than listing with a traditional agent, so you can readily begin searching for a reputed house-buying agency in your area that can offer you a great cash offer for your property. Trusted house buying companies such as Sell Quick California will come in handy when seeking the best home-buying brands in Los Angeles.

Sell Quick California is a real estate solutions enterprise that makes cash offers for ready-to-sell houses all around California. “We buy houses Los Angeles” is one of the most popular searches homeowners in the City of Angels make when seeking potential buyers for their property. Sell Quick California gives you a fair offer for your home as it’s, so you don’t have to face any inspections, conduct home repairs, or even clean your property without selling.

Additionally, the entire process is transparent, with no agent commissions, realtors, or hidden fees involved. Also, they offer you a fair cash offer for your house, whether your reasons are avoiding foreclosure or buying a new place. What’s more, you receive your offer right after the walk-through, and they even show you how they arrive at the sum to guarantee total transparency.

Take professional pictures of your property.

Photos are typically the first thing buyers will see about your home, and they can influence whether a prospective buyer will follow up with a showing schedule. Consequently, invest in captivating real estate photos that highlight your home’s best features, making it look as inviting and warm as possible. Hiring a professional for this task is crucial because they can get all the right angles to present your house in the best light to buyers. Before bringing in your pro photographer, it’s also a great idea to spruce up areas like your kitchen and bathroom so these spaces can influence buyers’ first impressions when photos are taken. Leading remodeling brands such as Mad City Windows can help with this need.

Mad City Windows is a full-service remodeling company catering to Iowa, Milwaukee, Minnesota, and Illinois. Their remodeling solutions include siding and roofing repairs and installations, kitchen refacing, and replacement doors and windows. They are also one of the best bathroom remodelers in Milwaukee, offering single-day installations and personalized design options to homeowners in the area. These bath remodelers can handle bathroom conversions, replacement showers and tubs, and walk-in bathtubs. Furthermore, Mad City offers excellent customer service and has years of experience in the remodeling industry, catering to Milwaukee residents’ home improvement needs for over two decades.

Find a great realtor.

An experienced real estate agent can help you sell your home faster, so it would help partner with a realtor for a quick home sale instead of navigating the housing market alone. A good realtor can help with accurate home pricing and staging your property to make the best impression on clients. Additionally, experienced realtors can launch full-scale marketing strategies to highlight your home’s unique features for the right target buyers. Also, an agent can help you select the right offer and negotiate the best deal. You can ask for referrals from friends and family or search for the best realtors in your area to locate your preferred professional. Helpful real estate companies will come in handy when seeking great agents for your home sale and other real estate needs.

Dickerson Realty is a reputable real estate company that assists diverse clients with a wide range of real estate needs, ranging from selling homes to investing in property. They help you determine your best strategy, whether you’re selling, investing, or buying for the first time, while also keeping your long-term goals in mind so you can build wealth. Also, they are real estate investors and homeowners themselves to offer you insightful tips based on their experiences. What’s more, they have more than twelve years of experience and have sold over a hundred properties to clients in the Bay Area.



Your home will look more extensive, and its best features will stand out when there’re few items around during open houses. Decluttering is a great idea to make your home as organized and bare as possible. Buyers appreciate storage space when checking out homes, so the less stuff they notice in your closets, the larger your storage spaces will look. After decluttering your interior spaces, consider investing in a great cloud storage device that can keep your home’s listing photos and other file types. WD cloud drives are personal cloud storage devices that directly plug into your home WiFi so you can save all your digital files in one place. These devices come in 2 TB, 3 TB, 4TB, 6 TB, and 8 TB storage options, allowing you to upload and share content from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Selling your home fast requires some extra effort to ensure that your house moves quicker than average on the real estate market. The points above are helpful insights worth remembering to guarantee a fast home sale.