Tips for Throwing a Grown-Up Slumber Party

Slumber Party

Whether you call it a slumber party, sleepover, or pajama party, spending the night with all your friends may have been one of the childhood rights of passage. You donned your cutest sleepwear and pranked called your class crush while beautifying yourselves with Lipsmackers and Wet N Wild. After the midnight food raid, everyone sat back and watched their favorite movies, gushed about a celebrity crush, or exchanged a creepy local ghost story.

More often than not, everyone probably fell asleep as the sun began to rise only to be awoken for breakfast and then driven back to your own home. Memories of childhood slumber parties may seem just a beloved moment in the past. However, there’s no reason for simply reminiscing about them.

Spending an overnight soirée with the girls is a great way to catch up on gossip, slip into yoga pants, and tie your hair back into a messy bun. Get ready to grab your favorite bottle of vino and kiss the kids and your partner goodnight and good luck. Here are some tips to throw the most amazing grown-up slumber party.

A New Twist on Old-School Sleepovers

Young girls in the ’80s and ’90s could impress classmates and friends with a popular and colorful beauty organizer. The Caboodle makeup case, that came out in 1987, had multiple sizes and designs to help keep nail polishes, brushes, the all-important travel cans of Aqua Net hair spray, scrunchies, and other overnight essentials. If you are feeling nostalgic, you can surprise your friends with a brand new Caboodle in a variety of sizes and colors.

For the friend who may enjoy a simple look, there are classic, sleek makeup bags or train cases. Separate your eye products such as your eyelash extensions and store them with proper care to maintain the quality of the products. Glamnetics offers a variety of mascara-free choices with their faux lash kits. Grab one for all your guests as a nice take-home gift. These extensions have a realistic look without stressing over the smudged eye products. Products like their mink lashes come with gel or pencil eyeliner with micro magnets so the lashes set into place without messy glue.

You can look glamorous with long silk lashes on a pinot noir and snack run or go for a natural look. A good old makeover session can let everyone exchange new tips and discuss favorite new products. You can even have a wallet-friendly grab-bag filled with new colors of an old favorite.

Food and Drink

Before the festivities begin, it’s a good plant to stock up on a variety of drinks and snacks from the local liquor store or convenience stores. Get creative and mix up your own signature sleepover cocktail to enjoy stick to a classic drink the girls will enjoy.

The kitchen or living room coffee table is usually overflowing with high sugar and salty snack. Take the best of both worlds and everyone make their own gourmet kettle corn popcorn, drizzled with white chocolate and paired with a popular fine wine or bestsellers such as some lighter, diet-friendly choices (which leaves room for more treats!).

Late Night Activities

Staying up past your bedtime (and sometimes waking dad up with late-night giggles) was a common occurrence during childhood slumber parties. Although you currently may be sympathizing with your parents by 10 pm yourselves, give everyone a boost while introducing a variety of board games.

Bring back memories with a few rounds of Date Line, Mall Madness, or try a new game that takes you back to Miami, Florida and four of your favorite sassy grandmas. If some of your besties are Millenials with zero ideas of who Molly Ringwald is, help them brush up on the beloved movies featuring the Brat Pack like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Weird Science.