Unexpected Mother’s Day Gifts for the Dog Mom In Your Life

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Move over, crunchy mom’s! There’s a new kind of mom in town! This mom has opted not to have all of the financial responsibility of human children and instead prefers her kids to have paws. Don’t be fooled, she’s just as loving and attentive as any other mother.

Being a dog mom is not only trendy; it’s super rewarding. Who doesn’t want unconditional love and cuddles every day? Dog moms work hard to provide the best food and care for their pooches. They really do treat their furry friends like their babies. That being said, these special women should also be recognized on Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day, surprise the dog mom in your life with these fun, unexpected gifts.

Pamper her puppy

The fastest way to a dog mom’s heart is through her puppy. If you’re taking care of her dog, in a roundabout way, you’re also taking care of her. Show her how much you care by buying something that could improve her dog’s health and wellbeing.

CBD oil is thought to have health benefits for a variety of furry companions; including dogs, cats, and horses. In order to find the best CBD product for her pet, you’ll want to go through a trusted online vendor, like Pet CBD Co. It doesn’t matter if she has a Mastiff or a Yorkshire Terrier, petcbdco.com will have exactly what you’re looking for, no matter the size of the dog. If you’re running a little late on your gift buying, don’t sweat it. Pet CBD Co. has free delivery on all purchases and delivers quickly to your home.

Replace whatever it is that Spot chewed up

Being a dog mom—especially to a puppy—does come with some collateral damage. Puppies like to get their mouths on everything, because, just like human children, they’re teething. Sometimes it’s socks and shoes, but other times, it’s much pricier items that have been accidentally left on the floor.

If your dog mom has lost some of her “intimates” due to a puppy rampage, try replacing them with high-end lingerie. Find her something flirty at Spicy Lingerie that she’ll love cuddling up in. It can be anything from a lacy sleep romper to a wrap-around bra and panty set. Buy her lingerie that will make her see herself as the beautiful, powerful woman you know she is.

Support her senior pooch

If the dog mom you adore has adopted a senior dog, a great gift for her and her best friend could be a dog stroller. Older dogs don’t want to go for long walks anymore, but your dog mom might like to have a companion while she jogs.

A dog stroller will allow her to walk her pup to the park, without concern about how long it will take to get back. She’ll get a great outdoor workout, and her furry friend will get some fresh air. There are jogger folding dog strollers for the sporty mom, in addition to regular ones for the leisurely mom. Take her and her stroller pet to an outdoor dinner date. The three of you can hang out on the patio and eat some yummy treats.

Immortalize her pooch

Does she treat her dog like royalty? Why not immortalize her pet’s regality with a custom pet portrait from Crown & Paw. Just have her dog sit and stay while you take a photo with natural light. From there, all you have to do is submit the photo, pick an outfit that fits her pet’s personality, and decide which size you want. All of the images are printed on high-quality, glossy posters. Her little princess will soon sit atop her mantel, and you’ll be crowned king for your thoughtful gift.