What Are the Best Flooring Types?

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Choosing a flooring type is a crucial decision that homeowners make when improving their houses. These days, there are different flooring options that you can select as an integral part of your interior design.

However, it‚Äôs always prudent to know each floor type’s pros and cons before installing any new floors. This way, you can understand the nature of your flooring options and which rooms they‚Äôre best for, based on their unique characteristics. Thankfully, we’re here to help with some great insights. Below are some of the best flooring types available today.

Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are a popular flooring type for many property owners globally. It’s installed by nailing wooden boards or planks to a wooden subfloor. Solid wood flooring can be made from different kinds of wood, ranging from maple to oak. Hardwood floors typically have great aesthetic appeal, lending your living space a natural and rustic look and feel. Also, hardwood floors are easy to clean, as you can wipe stains and spills promptly. As such, they’re an excellent choice for light and somewhat heavy traffic areas. When installing new floors, it’s always a good idea to secure quality professionals who can execute every step of the installation process to perfection. Reliable home improvement companies such as Todd Thomas Home have a variety of flooring solutions.

Todd Thomas Home is a Florida-based home improvement company that specializes in renovations and remodels. Their services include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, tile work, windows and doors renovation, and flooring work. They can help you select the right flooring type that has resistance to wear and tear aesthetic appeal, and functionality based on your specific renovation project. Todd Thomas Home also provides prompt, accurate, and detailed proposals to help clients understand their remodeling options and the value they can bring to the service. What’s more, their professionals are known for their next-level craft and great customer service, helping Florida homeowners with their home improvement needs for several years.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a resilient floor type made from several layers of materials fused to form a durable and affordable floor covering. Some of the common types of vinyl flooring are sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl flooring, or vinyl tiles. Vinyl floors are known for their moisture resistance and ability to accommodate heavy foot traffic, making them a practical choice for high-traffic areas like your kitchen.

Choosing vinyl as the flooring type for your entire floor necessitates that you access great remodeling services that can provide you with excellent workmanship and an affordable deal. Great deals are undoubtedly important when making significant commitments, from securing a mortgage to choosing a health fund. Selecting the right health insurance plan demands that you browse the health insurance marketplace to find the right insurance company. You must also consider what deductibles you need to pay, what networks can help you access proper healthcare and several out-of-pocket expenses that you might incur.


Tile flooring is another ideal flooring type to consider for your home renovation projects. Tiles are versatile, coming in various colors, styles, and variations like natural stone, granite, and marble. As such, homeowners can use them in many areas around the home. Tile flooring is easy to maintain, as you can mop away spills and stains quickly. Also, tiles are highly durable, and the few ones that crack over the years can be replaced easily and speedily. However, their slippery nature and tendency to become cold during winter are a few drawbacks that you should know about this flooring option.

There are several flooring types available to homeowners, each having unique advantages and disadvantages. The above-listed points are three of such flooring types worth considering for your home improvement projects.