What Is and Isn’t Covered By a Home Warranty

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There are several major home systems and home appliances that homeowners rely on to live comfortably. The strain on your home systems and appliances from normal wear and tear can accelerate breakdowns that require costly repairs or replacements. The best way for homeowners to gain peace of mind at the thought of expensive home repairs is to purchase a home buyers’ warranty.

It’s common to have a homeowners insurance policy to cover your home from natural disasters, fire, or water that damages your home’s structure. Most lenders require home buyers to purchase homeowners insurance. A home warranty policy is an additional coverage specifically designed for your major appliances and major systems. You pay a monthly premium that will offset expensive home repairs, maintenance, or replacement of appliances and systems.

What is covered?


Home warranty coverage is designed to cover the major home systems and appliances that you rely on throughout the home. Levels of coverage vary between home warranty providers, and it’s typical for warranty plans to be broken down by systems and appliances. Some of the systems and appliances typically covered under a home warranty include the refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioning, heating system, electrical system, plumbing system, clothes washer and dryer, and oven, stove, and range, water heater, and garbage disposal.

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What isn’t covered?


There are several exclusions under a home warranty coverage policy and certain issues that can disqualify the systems and appliances in your new home. Any home system or home appliance that has a pre-existing condition at the time the warranty begins, that has been damaged due to improper installation or maintenance, the non-residential use of home appliances and systems, and cosmetic issues will all be disqualified for coverage. Warranty providers aren’t always upfront about exclusions or hidden costs such as service call fees. Always read the fine print before committing to a contract.

A home warranty policy generally excludes structural issues, foundations, solar systems and components, commercial-grade equipment or systems, any issues found during the home inspection, pre-existing problems and normal wear and tear, problems resulting from rust, corrosion, and sediment, non-essential components, and services to correct building and zone code violations.

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Be aware of coverage limits.


Whether you have comprehensive coverage or a basic plan, all home warranty plans come with annual coverage limits. Warranty limits vary between home warranty companies, with some contracts setting a per appliance or system cap, or separate caps for each item. In addition to coverage limits, you also need to be aware of aggregate limits. Policy providers will limit the total amount they pay for covered losses during a given time period, which is typically a year.

Whether moving into a new home or an older home, it’s a good idea to have peace of mind provided by a home warranty.