What They Don’t Tell You in Beauty School: How to Launch Your Own Thing After Graduation

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After a lot of hard work and dedication, the day has finally arrived. You’re graduating from beauty school and ready to embark on your next adventure. Starting your career after beauty school can feel daunting, especially if you believe you need to rely on other people to find success. But the truth is you’re in charge of your career, and there are steps you can take to launch your own thing after graduation.

Create your personal brand

For professionals in the beauty industry, a personal brand is very important. The first step is defining your target audience. Your marketing materials, important documents, and overall professional look will be tailored to attract the clients you want. For example, if your dream is to work with high-profile clientele, then your personal brand should reflect sophistication and luxury through a professional look. On the other hand, if you want clients looking for funky, rockstar styles like multicolored hair and the latest makeup trends, then you should opt for an edgier, full-color appearance for your brand.

Put it all together

Now that you have a better sense of your personal brand, pull it all together with marketing materials. Items like business cards, important documents, and custom printed folders are often the first introduction clients have to your business. This is not the time to skimp. Enlist the help of a graphic designer to help you create a logo and personalized color scheme that reflects your brand. Use these images on all of your marketing materials.

Custom presentation folders and custom portfolio folders, for example, can be used to keep your price sheet and samples of your work. A custom folder will be much more impressive than something plain and generic, and it’s something your potential clients can take with them. Choosing to personalize products to embody your personal brand is an excellent investment for your business.

Establish a workspace

Launching your own thing after graduation might mean working from your home or renting a chair in an established salon. You may also opt for daily booth rental using space rental apps like ShearShare. Once you have a plan for your space, it’s time to set it up like a professional. Choose supplies that have a high-class appearance, just like those used in a professional salon.


One of the most important pieces for your new workspace is a vanity mirror or makeup mirror. A makeup mirror with lights, for instance, will dazzle your clients and provide the ideal environment for them to admire your work, especially when it comes to new makeup looks and vibrant hair colors. Look for a makeup mirror or vanity mirror with lights that mimic natural daylight for the most flattering view for your clients.

Get to work

Now that all of your materials are ready to go—your presentation folder, business card, makeup mirror, and workspace—it’s time to start attracting new clients. Begin with your personal network. Friends, family members, former co-workers, and acquaintances all need your services. Reach out and let them know you’re open for business.

Create an online presence for your business. Low-cost or free web hosting and free social media accounts are great places to start. Post pics from your portfolio and updates daily to attract followers. Once you get the ball rolling, you can continue to scale your business by investing in targeted online ads, a professionally built website, and email campaigns.


When you started beauty school, you may have assumed your destiny was going to be decided by whatever shop or salon would hire a new graduate. But now you know that it’s possible to launch your own thing after graduation. With thoughtful planning, you can kickstart your career all by yourself and do the work you love right now.