The Art Mission Center offers scheduled showings of unique, local, and independent films for viewers to enjoy. Along with films, the location also displays exhibits of visual arts for any and all patrons to come, observe, and enjoy. At different points in time, the art gallery features a wide variety of mediums such as film, painting, and even installations and sculptures.

Besides serving its function as a platform for artists and audiences, all visitors are free to enjoy good food and drinks that are available inside. While perusing available art collections, or before or after enjoying a film or two, visitors can enjoy a nice, hearty meal from the restaurant found within the art center. Fine wines and refreshing beverages can also be purchased within the location.

Art Mission Center aspires to provide quality entertainment to any and all audiences through beautiful art, good food, and good drinks. With the hope that patrons of all ages and backgrounds can have a center where they can gather and discuss art and different interests that they share, the art center aims to provide a good, unique, and enjoyable experience to every single one of its patrons.

Art Mission News

Top Food Movies of 2017

2017 was a great year in the industry of movies. Several movies came out especially those related to food. Below is a list of some of the all-time favorite food movies of 2017. Click here to have more details about that. The Founder This great movie was released at the wrong time. The movie did no last that long in theatres which is a shame because it is a prestige drama. The movie is about a businessman who has a career full of failures. He sees that the San Bernardino California burger stand is much more than just a profitable business. He makes it his aim to take this restaurant and remodel it. Along the path to his success, he ...
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Movies that Might Compel You to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a lot easier said than done, especially if you’re used to a sedentary lifestyle. However, if you enjoy entertainment, then the following movies might just motivate you to start working out or at least think about undergoing procedures such as CoolSculpting or fat freezing to finally lose weight. you can also think about joining the New Jersey Center for CoolSculpting and further body fitness. Without further ado, these are the following: Disfigured Disfigured is most likely a movie which movies women can relate to. It involves Darcy and Lydia, two women who are currently struggling with eating disorders. Darcy is suffering from anorexia while Lydia is extremely overweight. The movies all about portraying body image and showing ...
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Weed Museum

Weed Museum Exhibition in California

Thinking of marijuana, the last thing that is likely to hit your mind is a marijuana museum. As astounding and odd as it sounds, weed museum exhibition in California is real. The long history of marijuana, the controversies, social stigmatization, and the modern trend that has seen marijuana acceptance change tide is what you will find in the museum. With the increasing rate of CBD oil use, you may be wondering how cannabis can be of help. Visit the museum and learn a thing or two to enlighten your perception that could be misinformed. Three things you need to check-out in the museum: One-On-One Interaction with Marijuana Plants Have you ever seen or touched a marijuana plant up-close? Well, if ...
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The ART of Chiropractors

What is ART? ART stands for Active Release Technique. ART is the manipulation of soft tissues especially after they have weakened or after the buildup of scar tissues. Scar tissues are dense fibrous materials that the body creates in order to bind injured tissues. The scar tissue may bind to other surrounding structures like bones or muscles, which causes major problems. If there is a nerve running through the muscle in an area that has scar tissue, the nerve may be entrapped by the adhesion, causing it to trigger pain every time it is simulated. This limits the motion and causes overstimulation and overworking of the healthy tissues. Specialists at Back and Body NYC solved many cases like that. In order ...
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Why is Art Essential in Dentistry?

Art and Dentistry may seem not to fit, but both are definitely making huge waves as to how the two can be combined in ways you can’t imagine. Now that technology has become a widespread use in different disciplines, as a dentist, it is also important for you to be innovative and creative. How is Art Defined in Dentistry? Art in Dentistry is defined as aesthetic, taking care of expressions and making you appealing to everyone. It is also all about being creative, for example, when a patient is after abroad dental implants. The huge opportunity of cosmetic dentistry demands an artistic and skillful touch of a dentist to create a beautiful appearance to a patient’s smile. Plus, repairing a ...
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Food by Stimulating the Senses

Learning to Appreciate Food by Stimulating the Senses

Eating food is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities that we can do, especially when we are eating healthy superfoods and snacks. However, it’s easy to get bored with eating. For some, the fun of eating gets taken away since they are preoccupied with so many things in mind – work, bills, stress, and the like. Sadly, there are times when eating becomes a chore to us, a mundane task that becomes bland. According to the Review of SuperBeets (Is it Really a Superfood?), there is still hope for those who think that they’ve lost their love for enjoying good food. Fortunately, now, there are so many ways to rekindle our love for food and that is by stimulating ...
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